Gitschberg Jochtal

Biotope Raiermoos in Raas

Natz, Oberbrunnergasse 1
39040 Natz-Schabs/Naz-Sciaves
General description

Take a walk on the nature trail around the Raiermoos biotope, where you can hear the songs of rare bird types and spot a variety of wildlife. The Raiermoos habitat was originally a large lake that was formed about 12,000 years ago on clayey moraines. Here, primeval populations settled on stilt houses.
Today, the Raiermoos is a biotope and habitat for endangered flora and fauna. Reeds, cattails, rushes, and marsh trefoil surround the lake. It offers a sanctuary to frogs, newts, salamanders, and snakes. Many migratory birds
such as herons and storks find here a safe and peaceful place to stay.
Other nature habitats in the Natz-Schabs holiday region include Sommersürs, Zussis and Laugen.