• Discover wild herbs, forest animals & inconspicuous finds along the way.
    Our trained herb and forestry educators have a great wealth of expertise and are happy to share tips & tricks for everyday
    Meeting point: 10.30am| Parking lot Zumis, Rodenecker Lüsner Alm | Duration: approx. 5 h
  • Menyanthes, yarrow and witchcraft
    19 June – 30 Oct. 2017 | Almencard PLUS holders only | Discover old herb knowledge anew
    Meeting point: 2.00pm| Dorfplatz (Village square) Natz | Duration: approx. 2-3 h For this hike: Registration up to 10.00am on the same day
  •  Rafting tour
    Ideal for families and beginners who would like to experience an adventure with a high fun factor.
    Meeting point: 15.00pm| Sports pitch St. Sigmund | Duration: approx. 1.5 h Costs: Adults € 25.00 | Children (5-12 years) € 20.00


  • Bergseentour (Mountain lake tour)
    Five beautiful mountain lakes of our Ski & Almenregion are the destinations of this hike with different degrees of difficulty
    Meeting point: 8.30am| Meeting point and alternating hikes on a weekly basis | Duration: approx. 3.5 - 6h 
  • Meronsna Sagenwege
    A surprisingly humorous and pleasantly leisurely hike filled with with stories, legends and facts on Meransen. Between 01 May – 30 Nov. 2017
    Meeting point: 9.30am| Church Meransen | Duration: approx. 3 h
  • Kletterhetz (Kids’ Climbing)
    From mid-June (10-14 years of age) A high wire garden with a 12m wall for young people, who would like to learn how to handle carbine hooks and ropes
    Meeting point: 9.30am| Kurzkofelhütte, Vals | Duration: approx. 5h
  • Krixly Kraxly (Kids’ Climbing)
    From mid-June (5-9 years of age) Become a mountaineer! Here, children between ages of 5 to 9 can put their mountain skills to the test under supervision
    Meeting point: 10.00pm| Jochtal summit station, Vals | Duration: approx. 5 h
  • Horse carriage rides
    Across the Jochtal from mid- June High on the carriage adult and small guests alike enjoy the panorama views in the Jochtal
    Meeting point: 1.30pm| Jochtal summit station, Vals | Duration: 1h


  • Farm hike in Pfunders
    The green Pfunderer valley still has many well preserved historical farms, old crafts and beautiful views on offer.
    Meeting point: 10.00am| Sports pitch Pfunders | Duration: approx. 4 h
  • Kids’ dream farm at the Galtinerhof (5-9 years)
    At the farm children experience ponies, chickens, cats, calf, geese and rabbits first hand. A great fun activity for kids. Between 01 May - 30 Nov. 2017
    Meeting point: 1.30pm| Galtinerhof, Fröllerberg - Rodeneck | Duration: approx. 2.5 h


  • Old castle & young wine - Guided vineyard & organic farm tour
    On the way through the vineyard you will learn about alternative cultivation of bio wine and vintage apple varieties. Between 01 May - 30 Nov. 2017
    Meeting point: 9.30am| Mühlbacher Klause | Duration: approx. 2h Medieval games at Mühlbacher Klause (5-9 years)
  • The old ruins and their history
    are brought to live by knights and damsels allowing you to fully immerse into the retreat’s
    Meeting point: 9.30am| Mühlbacher Klause | Duration: approx. 2h
  • Guided tours at the Mühlbacher Klause
    These ruins used to be customs station, hunting lodge and bear witness of the Peasant Wars of 1526 and the Tyrolean Uprising in 1809. Between mid-June and the beginning of September
    Meeting point: 10.00am, 2.00pm 4.00pm| Mühlbacher Klause | Duration: approx. 1h
  • Family hike to the Atem-Bunker breathing shelter in Spinges
    The way there becomes the destination: A leisurely hike with “breathers”, from the village into the forest. Between 01 May - 30 Nov. 2017
    Meeting point: 1.00pm| Church Spinges | Duration: 3 h
  • Lama Trekking for the entire family
    22 June – 28 Sep. 2017 | Almencard PLUS holders only Get to know these special animals at the farm
    Meeting point: 4.00pm| Waldharthof - Raas | Duration: approx. 2-3 h


  • Sunrise hike from mid-June
    A real vacation challenge – rising early. Those who manage to get up in time, are rewarded with the unique experience
    Meeting point: Different times | Jochtal Valley station| Duration: approx. 1h
  • Running waters, fragrant meadows: Enjoy mountain summer with Kneipp
    The leisurely circular hike leads to the Altfasstal via the Kneippweg, along which several stops are scheduled.
    Meeting point: 10.00pm| Parking lot Altfasstal | Duration: approx. 4-5 h Kids’ horse carriage ride in Meransen (5-14 years)
  • Children take the horses for a carriage ride
    Without parents, older ones can even sit at the coach box, next to the coachman. Between 01 May - 30 Nov. 2017
    Meeting point: 10.00pm| Indoor tennis courts Meransen | Duration: approx. 1h Power spots, water and grapevine 23 June – 27 Oct. 2017 | Almencard PLUS holders only
  • Experience nature around Natz-Schabs on various themed hikes 
    Return with public transport Start: 2.00pm| Meeting points change on a weekly basis | Duration: approx. 2-3 h SATURDAY Feel the forest, inhale deeply and find peace 06 May - 17 June 2017 | Almencard PLUS holders only Pause and immerse into the forest habitat.
    Meeting point: 2.00pm| Dorfplatz - Village square Natz | Duration: approx. 4 h

General information
Suitable gear (mountain boots, rain protection, etc.) required for every tour. Participation at your own risk. Minimum number of participants 4 adults and/or 5 children aged 5-14 years. Limited number of participants. Changes reserved.

Registrations 1 day prior to the event, by 4pm at the latest
Registration and information with your accommodation or in all info points of the Ski & Almenregion Gitschberg Jochtal - Tel. +39 0472 886 048 - Tel. +39 0472 454 044 - Tel. +39 0472 415 020

Almencard PLUS holders additionally profit from: Unrestricted use of all of South Tyrol’s regional public transport means car operators). One-time admission to more than 90 museums and collections

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