Tobogganing in South Tyrol is a unique winter experience that is great fun for the whole family. Away from the hustle and bustle of the ski pistes, you can enjoy a well-deserved rest in one of the lodges that you reached after ascending via Alm trails or natural tobogganing slopes, before heading back down to the valley again. A highlight for risk-seekers is the artificial ice-run in Meransen. The downhill ride there could last forever – all the more motivation for a second round! Whether during the day or with a headlight at night, you might want to try both options.

Rules for sledgers:
The international FIS rules are valid also on sledge runs.
  1. Respecting other sledgers: Watch out for other sledgers and avoid putting others at risk.
  2. Speed control: Adapt speed to your skills and to the current weather and snow conditions. Keep a minimum safe distance of 8 meters from any other sledger.
  3. Track and crossings: The faster sledger must pay attention to the slower sledger. Mind the warning signs particularly near crossings with walkaways and slopes.
  4. Overtaking: Only with clear view, with safe distance and moderate speed.
  5. Stopping: Only with clear view. In case of accident, clear the tracks as fast as possible.
  6. Climbing and descending: It's forbidden to sledge on ski slopes. Never sledge with head in front. Pay particular attention when descending at night. Use the marked walkways to climb, remaining on the edge and on the interior side of the slope.
  7. Mind the signs: Always pay attention to warning and information signs. 
  8. Fall: Hold the sledge, protect and assist the injured.
  9. Equipment: Appropriate snow boots with goos soles (also spikes) are necessary for safe desceding.
  10. Helmet: Kids under 14 years are obligated to wear helmets. For adults it's recommended.